Accounting for real estate

Accounting for real estate

Support in tax and accounting matters of operations and investment real estate. Assistance throughout the process of opening a new company:

1) Acquisition of real property:

  • Property search, our partner has an excellent reputation in the Swiss real estate market;

  • Determining the total amount of investment for the acquisition of the property;

  • The calculation of the cost of maintenance of the property (the estimated cost of the customer after the purchase and control of balancing the accounts);

  • Solving problems with the tax authorities on the purchase and registration;

  • Negotiating contracts with different insurance companies and all contracts.

2) Sale of land / real estate property:

  • Definition of total costs of the transaction;

  • Definition of the tax burden from the seller;

  • Solving problems with the tax authorities on the sale of an object (correspondence, filling of tax returns, the tax determination and payment delays).

3) Acquisition of an existing business or opening a new one:

  • The planning and development of the business plan for future activity;

  •  Search for an existing business, with our renowned partners;

  • Preparation of legal documents, contact the notary, registration (or modification) of the company in the land registry, enrollment in pension funds and social, open a Swiss domain and other services.